CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM, Sales pipeline, Campaigns & Sources, ROI reports - all tailored specifically for a the needs of a law firm

Kanban-based CRM: simply drag&drop leads' cards from one stage into the next as they progress through your sales pipeline

Sales pipeline: create as many pipes and customise as much as you need, to fit the workflows and requirements of your law firm

Campaigns & sources: track which leads and clients came from which source - how they found you.

ROI reports: keep track of how much you are spending on each campaign, and track the ROI effectiveness of each campaign. A unique feature of fastMatter is that you can connect a campaign/source to a particular account and fastMatter will automatically update how much you are spending on a particular campaign/source, and thereby, keep ROI figure constantly updated. It is because fastMatter has all your data in one place, that it can allow for such a unique feature.

CRM, Sales pipeline, Campaigns, ROI reports

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