Our Team's Core Values

be Passionate

Everything that we do, we do it with passion.  We build products that we can personally be proud of.  Otherwise, why do it at all?

be Remarkable

A "great product" is no longer enough. It must be truly remarkable. ...and it takes remarkable individuals to build remarkable products.

aspire to Simplicity

Spend time to make complexity simple.

the TEAM

Garen KarapetianDr Garen Karapetianfounder & CEO
Gor GevorkyanGor Gevorkyan back-end genius,
head of integrations
Alexis DidAlexis Did full-stack engineer
head of data-migrations
Danil KislinskiDanil KislinskibizDev advisor
Anna MelkumyanAnna Melkumyan quality control


Our Product

...our product is the result of our core values​

FastMatter is a groundbreaking new cloud-based legal Practice Management Software. It's a perfect cost-efficient all-in-one solution for small and medium sized law firms. 

In 2014 we set out to develop a Practice Management System from scratch that would be rich in features, but at the same time the easiest to use, fastest, least-stressful and most convenient for legal professionals. As a result we have developed a super-secure web-based app that works on any device and is so intuitive that it requires little to no training. Solicitors can just start using it right a way by creating a free trial account now. 

Work from anywhere, from any device. 
Because fastMatter is web-based and works from any device, it means that you can access your matters and files from anywhere: be that the desktop in your office, or the laptop in your home; iPad or your smart-phone while you're on the go. 

For ease of use, all the information that you need is right there on a single page. No complex tabs containing hidden information, no need to go back and forth through an endless maze of pages and pageloads, no need to make more clicks than is needed - we meticulously thought through all that. We embraced the concept of simple functional design. Ease of use for a Practice Management Software results in less stress, more productivity, more saved time, which can be used for more billable hours and therefore more income for your law practice. If fastMatter can save half an hour each day for each of your fee-earners, just think how much you could be saving in a month? For a small firm of just 10 users that translates to 110 billable hours! 

Using cutting edge technologies we have created an online environment of constant connectivity: as your colleagues work on matters you see everything right in front of your eyes in real-time. You see who is working on what in real-time, you see how tasks are added, assigned, worked on and completed, and how the matter is progressing -- all in real-time.