Data Migration Process

Switching from one Legal Practice Management System to another can be both disruptive as well as unnerving.  Over the years we've heard some horror stories about disruptions lasting as long as 3-4 months!  The cost of data migration itself pales in comparison to loss associated with such prolonged disruptions. 

At fastMatter we have developed mechanisms that facilitates a smooth and seamless transition that is both cost efficient as well as without any downtime.  The guiding principle of our data-migration process is that while we tailor a migration path to fit your data and workflows, your team carries on recording data on your old system.  The switch happens only when we have a tried-&-tested Migration Path specifically designed for your firm, and itself takes place overnight!  This insures a lossless transition process with no downtime.  The flowchart below outlines this process:

fastMatter - Legal Case Management System Data Migration