fastMatter is a web-based
  • Legal Accounts Software,
  • Legal Case Management System &
  • Legal Practice Management System,
  • that helps legal professionals keep track of their clients' matters, and stay fully SRA compliant.


    Based in the UK, we have worked closely with many legal professionals (solicitors, sole-practitioners, barristers, notaries, paralegals, trainees, case-workers, practice managers, legal-cashiers, legal-accountants, etc) in creating what we believe is the BEST case management system on the market.

    compatible with any device


    work from anywhere, from any device.
    faster, simpler, better

    Why legal teams love fastMatter?


    fastMatter is so easy to use that your whole team can start working on it right now


    Record and collaborate at the speed of thought.
    True-Realtime technology.


    Every aspect has been thought through to create seamless experience and maximise your team's productivity.


    all the mission-critical functionality that you need to run your law firm


    Good Value For Money

    an unprecedented value for money

    Features at a glance

    Practice Areas

    Family Law
    Corporate Law
    Wills & Probate
    Criminal Law
    Personal Injury
    Legal Aid
    Housing, Landlord, Tenant
    Intellectual Property

    Simple, Fair Pricing

    £29.99 /user/month
    (limited offer for starting law firms)

    All features included.

    This special offer is for startup law firms (6 months or less), which do not require data-migration Storage space:
    5Gb FREE!
    £39.99 /user/month
    (when billed annually)

    All features included.

    Storage space:
    first 5Gb FREE! £1/Gb/month thereafter.
    £59.99 /user/month
    (when billed monthly)

    All features included.

    Storage space:
    first 5Gb FREE! £1/Gb/month thereafter.