Case Management System

Case Management Software that is actually user-friendly, packed with useful features, and surprisingly easy to use

True-Realtime collaborative software

Your coworkers see the changes to matters in real-time (depending on roles and permissions, of course). Constant connectivity! This creates an incredible sense of teamwork and actually wanting to be productive! Your screen becomes the virtual office - Depending on permissions, everyone can see who is working on what. Especially great when some are working remotely.

Complex Matters

Some matters can be more complex than the rest. Some matters can have several Clients and several Other-Parties, some of which might be organisations. Some clients might have several matters, and might move moneys between those matters. There are numerous other complications that might occur. We have thoroughly thought out all those possibilities in advance, while keeping in mind the necessity to keep it simple by default. fastMatter starts with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind, and precisely because of that it can progress from simplicity to complexity depending on your law firm's needs.

Inter-organisational Collaboration

A fastMatter user can be a member of several law firms or organisations simultaneously and have different roles and permissions in each of those organisations. For example one can be a cashier on an accountant or a barrister for several law firms, which means that within each law firm he/she can have access to that information which was specified by a given law firm's director. While allowing for incredible boost in time-saving and productivity, this feature maintains a high-degree of privacy and data-security!

Conflict Of Interests check

fastMatter has one of the most thorough COI checks. That's because we use "layered-array" search, with 6 layers of searches, each of which runs in combination. This minimises the chance of COI tremendously.

Reminders & Notifications

Whenever changes happen to matters and tasks that a fee-earner is assigned to, he/she will be instantly notified. Apart from creating a trackable log of changes, this also helps all involved fee-earners stay up to date with the progress on each relevant matter and task.

Attendance Notes

Record at the speed of thought in real-time

Notes Dictation

, to save time on typing.

Privacy & Permissions per matter

You can set up Roles and give permissions to users in that role, which will apply across all matters. But then you can also set up permissions and restrictions for individual matters themselves. This allows you to maintain a highly granulated control over privacy of some clients.

Matter Templates

Huge time-saver! Create matter-templates for recurring types of matters (e.g. Consultation, Litigation, Property Purchase, Divorce). Customise everything from colour, to assignees, contacts, task-list, priorities, workflow, attached files, flat rates, hourly-rates or even hourly rates per activity type etc. Next time you create a new matter from a template, all your presets will be automatically inherited, and you can further modify them as you wish.

Case Management Software that is actually user-friendly, packed with useful features, and surprisingly easy to use

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